Peucestas (2)

Peucestas:Macedonian officer in the army of Alexander the Great, served in Egypt.

The Macedonian king Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in 331. The Persian troops surrendered without fighting, and Alexander had to appoint new governors to the country. The civil administration was left to two Egyptians, Doloaspis and Petesis. There were two garrison commanders (at Memphis and Pelusium), two commanders for the border districts, two Greek mercenary commanders and two Macedonian officers who controlled the mercenary commanders. One Polemon was appointed as admiral. All these military men were subjected to two generals, Balacrus and Peucestas, the son of Macaratus.

Signature of Peucestas
Signature of Peucestas

Peucestas is just a name to us, but it is interesting to note that his signature was found on a shred of papyrus, which was discovered in the necropolis of Saqqara. The texts concerns the possessions of a priest, which are to be immune for Macedonian taxation. This suggests that he was more than just a military commander, but had civil responsibilities as well.

Peucestas is not to be confused with his namesake, the satrap of Persis.

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