Sanabares: Arsacid rebel king of the Parthian Empire (r.50-56).

A Parthian

Sanabares - perhaps there were two kings with this name - was the ruler of Margiana. He may have come to power in the conflict between on the one hand the Parthian king Vardanes I and the Bactrians and on the other hand Gotarzes II and the Dahae, which took place in this area. However this may be, a man named Sanabares minted coins between c.50 and c.56. He was a contemporary of the two rivals already mentioned and their successors Vonones II (r.51) and Vologases I (r.51-78).


The chronology of the Arsacid kings of the Parthian Empire is less well-understood than, for example, the sequence of Seleucid and Ptolemaic kings or the emperors of Rome. This information is based on the researches by G.R.F. Assar, as published in "Iran under the Arsakids, 247 BC – AD 224/227" in: Numismatic Art of Persia (2011).

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