Andesina, Wall

Andesina: town of the Gallic Leuci, major sanctuary of Apollo Grannus, modern Grand.

Wall and tower

Andesina was surrounded by a heavy wall with a width of 2.5 to 3.0 meters and a length of 1760 meters. This wall protected the main public buildings: at least one bathhouse, the central sanctuary of Apollo Grannus, the pool, and the so-called basilica were inside the enclosure, which measured about twenty hectares. This was the normal size of a Late Roman fortified town and is the main argument for a late date. An earlier date cannot be excluded, though.

So far, seventeen round towers have been identified. They had a diameter of six meters. The towers on the four corners were larger: their diameter was ten meters. In front of the wall was a ditch, about five meters wide and 1.30 meters deep.

The eastern gate, opposite the amphitheater (which was outside the town), appears to have been quite impressive. This must have been the main entrance to the temple area - propylaea, in other words. In the west, there was a smaller gate. A southern gate has not yet been identified, but in the north, there were no less than three.