Fidenae: town near Rome, modern Castel Giubileo.

Reconstruction of an Iron Age hut
Reconstruction of an Iron Age hut

Fidenae was an ancient Latin (or Sabine?) town along the Via Salaria, near the fifth or sixth milestone. Archaeological excavations have shown that the site was occupied in the Iron Age; there is a modern reconstruction of one of the huts at modern Fidene. This type of hut was common in Latium before the hilltop settlements united and became cities. A memory of this age may have been preserved in the story that Romulus captured Fidenae and killed its king.note

According to the Roman historian Livy, Fidenae allied itself to Veii in the fifth century, which resulted in its destruction when Rome attacked its Etruscan rival.note The place was abandoned,note only used to quarry tufa,note but it could be used for public gatherings. During one of these, in the year 27 CE, a wooden amphitheater collapsed; according to Suetonius, no less than twenty thousand people were killed.note The site was also used by Hannibal during his war against Rome.note

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