Msletten or Fashiet al-Habs: name of a pair of obelisk-shaped tombs along the road from Bani Walid to Zlitan and Misurata.

Msletten from the south

There are several places in the Tripolitana that are called Msletten, "needles". The place to which this page is dedicated is 35 km east of Bani Walid. (There's another Msletten southeast of Bani Walid.) The northern Msletten is also known as Fashiet al-Habs and is situated east of the Wadi Merdum. The remains of a third tomb can be seen in the neighborhood.

Across this wadi (to the west) are the remains an ancient fortified farm, which may have been the home of the people who were buried, somewhere in the second or third centuries CE, in the needle-shaped tombs at Msletten. Another site in the neighborhood is Qasr Bularkan, two kilometers to the southeast. Following the road from Msletten to the east, you will after ten kilometers pass a fortified tower to the left.

There are many obelisk-shaped tombs like this, e.g. in the Wadi El-Amud (along the road from Gheriat esh-Shergia to Mizda) and at the South Cemetery of Ghirza. Another well-known "needle" is at Sabratha. They all combine native forms (the obelisk) with Roman stylistic elements (e.g., the columns).

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