Seleucia in Pieria

Seleucia in Pieria or Seleucia by the Sea: port in Syria, one of the four cities of the Syrian tetrapolis. The modern name is Çevlik, a village near Samandağ. The city is not to be confused with Seleucia on the Tigris or Seleucia on the Euphrates.

Seleucus I Nicator
Seleucus I Nicator

Somewhere in Seleucia must have been the mausoleum of the city's founder, Seleucus I Nicator, who was assassinated in 281 by Ptolemy Keraunos. According to Appian of Alexandria

Philetaerus, the prince of Pergamon, bought the body from Keraunos for a large sum of money, burned it, and sent the ashes to his son Antiochus I Soter. The latter deposited them at Seleucia-by-the-Sea, where he erected a temple to his father on consecrated ground, to which ground he gave the name of Nicatoreum.{{Appian, Syrian War, 63.}}

Although many tombs have been found near Seleucia, this one has so far escaped discovery.

Among the other monuments are

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