Mainz, Museum für antike Schifffahrt


If you are interested in ancient history, the museums of Mainz, ancient Mogontiacum, are not to be missed. In fact, the city boasts no less than six museums. One of these, the Museum für antike Schifffahrt (Museum of Ancient Navigation), is unique in the world.

Of course shipwrecks can be seen in more cities (e.g., Bodrum, Marsalla, and Rome’s Fiumicino Airport), but they are usually sea ships – the Mainz museum has six wrecks of war ships that were used to defend a river. In this museum, which is also free and does not even allow you to make a donation, you will also find two 1:1 reconstructions, and dozens of models of ancient boats. A collection of objects relating to ancient navigation is also there. The Roman theater of Mainz s five minutes away;

This museum was visited in 2001, 2005, 2008.

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