Thelsae, Sanctuary, Inscription containing a damnatio memoriae

Thelsae, Sanctuary, Inscription containing a damnatio memoriae


Thelsae, Sanctuary, Greek inscription containing a damnatio memoriae


Υπέρ σωτηρίας των κυρίων ημών
’Αυτοκρατόρων Καις-
άρων Μάρκων Iουλίων
[Φιλίππων Σεβα]στώ[ν] αφιερώ-
θη και συνετελέσθη ναός Αειχά-
λας, επί των περί Μάρκος Αυρήλι-
ον ’Ανεον Γαώρου και Γα[ύ]ρον Ό[α]σ[ιχά?]θου
βουλευτού ‘ιεροταμιών,
’εκ των του
και θεού , έτους
ζνφ ' Υπερβερεταίου ιε '

For the preservation of our lords, the emperors, the Caesars Marcus Iulius Philippus, the Augusti, this temple of Aeichala was consecrated and completed in the time of the temple treasurers Marcus Aurelius Aneus, son of Gaoros, en Gaoros, son of Oasaithos, city councillor, from the funds of the god. Year 557, Hyperberetaios 15.note


ca. 245 CE


Inscriptiones graecae ad res romanas pertinentes avctoritate et impensis Academiae inscriptionvm et litterarvm hvmaniorvm collectae et editae, Volume 3 (E.Leroux), 1906, p. 423 (Greek)


Marco Prins


CC0 1.0 Universal


Roman Empire



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