CM 27 (Fragment from a Neo-Babylonian chronicle)

The following text is a very small fragment of one of the Mesopotamian chronicles written in ancient Babylonia in the Hellenistic Period. Only some beginnings of lines of one column on the obverse of the tablet are legible.

For a very brief introduction to the literary genre of chronicles, go here. More information can be found in Jean-Jacques Glassner, Mesopotamian Chronicles (Atlanta, 2004), in which this is text CM 27.


[1'] [...]

[2'] su-un-qa [...] seventeen [...]

[3'] [...]


[4'] The eighth year, in the month of Ajaru, the Nth day [...]

[5'] [...]

[6'] [...]


[7'] The tenth year, in the month of Ajaru [...]

[8']  [...]


[9'] The eleventh year, in the month of Nisannu, the Nth day [...]