Sasanian Crowns

Sasanians: last native dynasty to reign in Persia before the Arab conquest. Its kings and queens ruled from 224 to 651. 


The Sasanian kings have left impressive rock reliefs and it is interesting to observe that the Persian artists did their best to make the people they depicted recognizable as individuals. Noblemen, for example, are shown with badges that were once well-known and identified the figures as the lord of this or that part of Iran.

The kings themselves are also identifiable: they all have different crowns, which are shown on this page. The same crown is shown on the coinage of the rulers. Deities (Ahuramazda and Anahita) can be recognized because their crowns appear to be covered by something resembling roses.


Louis Vanden Berghe, Reliefs rupestres de l' Iran ancien, 1983 Brussels