Vanden Berghe List

The Vanden Berghe List, named after the Flemish Iranologist Louis Vanden Berghe (1923-1993) is the catalog of ancient Iranian rock reliefs.

1. Reliefs from Lullubi

A magian on the tomb of Dukkan-e Daud
A magian on the tomb of Dukkan-e Daud
  1. Sar-e Pol-e Zahab I: Victory Relief of Anubanini
  2. Sar-e Pol-e Zahab II: Victory Relief
  3. Sar-e Pol-e Zahab III: Victory Relief
  4. Sar-e Pol-e Zahab IV: Victory Relief

2. Elamite Reliefs

2.1 Khuzestan

  1. Hung-i Nauruzi: Adoration Scene
  2. Shah Savar: Adoration Scene
  3. Shikaft-i Salman I: Adoration Scene of Shutruru, minister of Hanni
  4. Shikaft-i Salman II: Adoration Scene of Hanni
  5. Shikaft-i Salman II: Adoration Scene of Hanni
  6. Shikaft-i Salman II: Adoration Scene of Hanni
  7. Kuh-i Farah I: Offering Scene of Hanni
  8. Kuh-i Farah II: Offering Scene
  9. Kuh-i Farah III: Offering Scene
  10. Kuh-i Farah IV: Procession
  11. Kuh-i Farah V: Offering Scene
  12. Kuh-i Farah I: Adorarion Scene

2.2 Fars

  1. Kurangun: Adoration Scene
  2. Naqš-e Rustam: Damaged Relief
  3. Naqš-e Rustam: Damaged Throne Scene

3. Assyrian Reliefs

  1. Uramanat: An Assyrian King
  2. Shikaft-i Gulgul: Esarhaddon

4. Achaemenid Reliefs

4.1 Kurdistan

  1. Behistun: Victory Relief of Darius

4.2 Fars

  1. Naqš-e Rustam: Tomb I (Darius II Nothus?)
  2. Naqš-e Rustam: Tomb II (Artaxerxes I Makrocheir?)
  3. Naqš-e Rustam: Tomb of Darius I the Great
  4. Naqš-e Rustam: Tomb IV (Xerxes?)
  5. Persepolis: Tomb of Artaxerxes III Ochus
  6. Persepolis: Tomb of Artaxerxes II Mnemon
  7. Persepolis: Unfinished Tomb
  8. Kuh-i Rahmat: Altar

5. Late Reliefs

5.1 Kurdistan

  1. Dukkan-e Daud: Tomb of a Magian
  2. Sakavand: Adoration Scene
  3. Ravansar: Offering Scene

5.2 Fars

  1. Gardanah Gavlimash: Archer

6. Seleucid Reliefs

  1. Behistun: Heracles

7. Parthian Reliefs

7.1 Kurdistan

  1. Sar-e Pol-e Zahab V: Investiture of Gotarzes I or II
  2. Behistun: Homage to Mithradates II
  3. Behistun: Victory of Gotarzes II (defeat of Meherdates)
  4. Behistun: Offering to Vologases

7.2 Khuzestan

  1. Hung-i Nauruzi: Investiture of Mithradates I
  2. Hung-i Yar-i Aliwand: Investiture Scene
  3. Hung-i Kamalwand: Homage
  4. Tang-i Butan, Shimbar: Homage
  5. Kuh-i Tina: Homage
  6. Kuh-i Taraz: Investiture Scene
  7. Tang-i Sarvak I: Offering to Heracles-Verethragna
  8. Tang-i Sarvak II: Investiture Scene
  9. Tang-i Sarvak III: Equestrian Combat
  10. Tang-i Sarvak IV: Dignitaries

8. Sasanian Reliefs

8.1 Ardašir I (224-241)

  1. Equestrian victory Firuzabad (defeat of Artabanus IV)
  2. Investiture Firuzabad
  3. Investiture Naqš-e Rajab
  4. Investiture relief Naqš-e Rustam (defeat of Artabanus IV)
  5. Audience relief Salmas

8.2 Shapur I (241-272)

  1. Investiture Naqš-e Rajab
  2. Equestrian relief Naqš-e Rajab
  3. Triumph relief Naqš-e Rustam (defeat of Philip and Valerian)
  4. Triumph relief at Darabgird (defeat of Gordian III, Philip, and Valerian)
  5. Bishapur I: Investiture relief (defeat of Gordian III and Philip)
  6. Bishapur II: Triumph relief (defeat of Gordian III, Philip, and Valerian)
  7. Bishapur III: Triumph relief

8.3 Bahram I (273-276)

  1. Bishapur V: Investiture relief (defeat of unknown enemy)

8.4 Bahram II (276-293)

  1. Audience relief Naqš-e Rustam
  2. Audience relief at Sarab-e Bahram
  3. Family scene at Sarab-e Qandil
  4. Family scene at Barm-e Dilak
  5. King and dignitary at Barm-e Dilak
  6. King at Guyum
  7. Bishapur IV: Arab envoys
  8. Fight against lions at Sar Mashhad
  9. Equestrian victory relief Naqš-e Rustam (defeat of unknown enemy)
  10. Double equestrian relief Naqš-e Rustam (defeat of unknown enemy)
  11. Kartir relief Naqš-e Rajab
  12. Kartir relief Naqš-e Rustam

8.5 Narseh (293-303)

  1. Investiture Naqš-e Rustam

8.6 Hormizd II (303-309)

  1. Equestrian victory Naqš-e Rustam (defeat of king Papak of Armenia?)

8.7 Shapur II (309-379)

  1. Throne relief Naqš-e Rustam (extremely damaged)
  2. Bishapur VI: Suppression of a revolt
  3. Investiture relief Taq-e Bostan (defeat of Julianus Apostata)

8.8 Ardašir III (379-383) or Shapur III (383-388)

  1. Investiture relief Taq-e Bostan

8.9 Khusrau II 'the victorious' (590-628)

  1. Investiture relief Taq-e Bostan
  2. King on horse Taq-e Bostan
  3. Boar hunt at Taq-e Bostan
  4. Stag hunt at Taq-e Bostan

9. Others

  1. Representation of Anahita at Darabgird
  2. Destroyed relief at Rey
  3. Lion at Naqš-e Rustam
  4. Unfinished relief at Behistun


Louis Vanden Berghe, Reliefs rupestres de l' Iran ancien (1983 Brussels)