Nemrud Daği, Western Terrace

Nemrud Daği: the tomb of king Antiochus I Theos of Commagene (r.70-31 BCE), famous for its uncommon sculpture.       

Western terrace

The western terrace of Nemrud Daği is essentially identical to the eastern one, although the gods, who are looking at the setting sun, are not seated on a podium. Generally speaking, the overall structure is better preserved in the east, while the sculpture is more perfect in the west.

There are several minor monuments on the western terrace, like the lion horoscope that represents a celestial omen that took place on the accession day of Antiochus' father Mithridates I Callinicus (14 July 109). There are also several inscriptions, which mention that the people must come to this place on the day of Antiochus' birth and accession. However, it is unclear whether this has ever happened, as the monumental tomb appears to have remained unfinished, and archaeologists have not discovered the small finds one would expect to find on a site that was twice a year crowded with people.