Nemrud Daği, Eastern Terrace

Nemrud Daği: the tomb of king Antiochus I Theos of Commagene (r.70-31 BCE), famous for its uncommon sculpture.       

Eastern terrace and tumulus

The eastern terrace of Nemrud Daği is more or less identical to the western terrace, although there are differences: in the east, the statues, which are about eight meters high, are placed on a platform, while the western statues are situated directly on the ground. The eastern statues are facing the rising sun. From left to right, one can see:

Eastern terrace, altar

It is, of course, no coincidence that the king was seated between the gods, and his seat left of Zeus makes him equal to Commagene herself, who is seated to the supreme gods' right. It may be that the king considered himself to be superior Apollo and Heracles, as there appears to be a hierarchy: from the left and right to the center, we see an earthy creature, a heavenly creature, Apollo and Heracles, Commagene and Antiochus, Zeus.

In front of the statues of the gods is a very large square platform, which once served as a fire altar. A nice lion is left to guard it.