Procopius: name of a Roman usurper.

Roman official, second half fourth century

Procopius was a distant relative of the emperor Julian the Apostate.note During Julian's Persian campaign, Procopius guarded the Upper Tigris valley.note When Julian was killed in action (June 363), Procopius (who may have expected to be recognized as emperor himself), recognized Jovian, who had been chosen emperor by the army.note

During Jovian's reign, Procopius was living with his relatives in a villa in Caesarea.note When Jovian was succeeded by Valens (February 364), Procopius revolted, picking up allies on the Crimeanote and finding friends in Constantinople, where a former courtier named Eugenius supported him.note However, his armies were defeated at Thyatiranote and Nacolaeianote and he was executed (366).

The main sources are Ammianus Marcellinus and Zosimus.

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