Myra: town in Lycia, modern Demre. The ancient town is best-known as the residence of Nicholas of Myra, the original saint behind Santa Claus.

Harbor and granary

Among the main buildings of Myra were the granaries in Andriake, the sea port, which was situated about four kilometers southwest of the main city. These large buildings, which measured about 36x45 meters, were erected after 129 by the emperor Hadrian, and were meant to serve the Roman army: in case of a war in the east or north, troops could be transferred more easily. A similar granary is known from the port of Patara, a Lycian town west of Myra.

The site of the Andriake granary was well-chosen because the harbor, essentially the estuary of the small Andriakos river, was protected against storms by a large promontory. A big chain protected the port against pirates.