Rome, Arch of Dolabella


Arch of Dolabella: monument on the Caelian Hill in ancient Rome.

The arch of Dolabella

Situated on the summit of the Caelian Hill, the Arch of Dolabella is in fact one of the gates of the Servian Wall, which surrounded Rome from the fourth century BCE. Its original name was Porta Caelimontana, but this does not name that the name "Arch of Dolabella" is incorrect: the travertine part was reconstructed by the consuls of the year 10 CE, Publius Cornelius Dolabella and Gaius Junius Silanus. (At the same time, the emperor Augustus ordered the reconstruction of another ancient city gate, whch is now known as the Arch of Gallienus.)

The upper part of this monument. made out of brick, was the substructure of the Aqua Claudia, an aqueduct to serve Nero's Golden House, built after 64 CE.

The Arch of Dolabella gives access to the picturesque street known as Clivus Scauri.