Pharnacids: Persian satrapal dynasty, ruling in Hellespontine Phrygia.

The Pharnacids decended from an Achaemenid nobleman named Pharnaces, who was mayor of the palace of the Persian king Darius I the Great. In 477, Pharnaces' son Artabazus was appointed satrap of Hellespontine Phrygia (northwest Turkey); his descendants were to rule the satrapy until the fourth century.

Pharnaces I  
Artabazus I 477 - 455?
Pharnabazus I 455? - before 430
Pharnaces II before 430 - after 422
Pharnabazus II before 413 - 387
Ariobarzanes 387 - 363/362
Artabazus II 363/362 - 353
Pharnabazus III and Barsine  

In the Hellenistic age, the kings of Cappadocia (central Turkey) would claim descent from Pharnaces as well.

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