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Commodus: emperor of the Roman world (r. 180-192).

Commodus as Hercules
Commodus as Hercules


Successor of: Marcus Aurelius


Early career

Main deeds

  • Commodus
    180 Death of Marcus Aurelius; peace with the Dacians, Quadi, Iazyges, and Vandals. Perennis made praetorian prefect; return to Rome
  • 181 Consul III (with Lucius Antistus Burrus)
  • 181 Conspiracy of Lucilla
  • 182 Commodus accepts the title Germanicus Maximus
  • 183 Consul IV (with Gaius Aufidius Victorinus)
  • 184 Accepts the title Britannicus Maximus
  • 185 Execution of Perennis; Cleander succeeds him; war against the Sarmatians
  • 186 Consul V (with M' Acilius Glabrio II); Pertinax overcomes a revolt of the British troops; Deserter's war
  • 187 Conspiracy of Maternus
  • 188 Roman victory over rebellious Germans
  • 190 Consul VI (with Marcus Petronius Sura Septimianus); fall and death of Cleander; Pertinax in Africa; debasement of the denarius
  • 192 Consul VII (with Publius Helvius Pertinax II); the center of Rome destroyed by fire; Bruttia Crispina exiled; Commodus appears in the Colosseum as gladiator; assassinated
  • Damnatio memoriae

Buildings in Rome

Buildings outside Rome

  • 183: Temple of the Genius of Oea, Tripoli
Succeeded by: Pertinax

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