Sohaemus: king of Armenia (r. 163/164-c.175 CE).

The temple of Garni, which may in fact be the tomb of Sohaemus

During the war between the Romans and Parthians that broke out when Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus became emperors (161 CE), the Roman commander of this theater of war, Lucius Verus, removed the king of Armenia, a man named Pacorus. According to Cassius Dio, the new king was Sohaemus,note who was a member of the dynasty that ruled Emesa in Syria. (Half a century later, four empresses and two emperors would be members of this dynasty: Julia Domna, Julia Maesa, Julia Soeamias, Heliogabalus, Julia Mamaea, and Alexander Severus.)

It is possible that the famous Roman-style monument in Garni, which is usually identified as a temple, is in fact the mausoleum of king Sohaemus.

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