Trier, Forum

Augusta Treverorum: important Roman city, modern Trier.

Model of the forum

The importance of Trier as an economic center is suggested by the size of its forum (central market area), which in the second century measured 275 x 135 meter - three city blocks in the center of the city, along the road from the amphitheater in the east to the Baths of Barbara and the bridge in the west. The site did not reach its immense size immediately: its origins were more modest, but it expanded at the end of the first century and in the second quarter of the second century.

The forum was again renovated in the first quarter of the fourth century, by either the emperor Constantius I Chlorus (293-306) or his son and successor Constantine I the Great (306-337). A large basilica, which measured 100 x 25 meters, was added; this survived well into the Middle Ages, and was demolished in the twelfth century because the stones were needed to build a new city wall.

Model of the forum

Immediately west of the forum, the "Doppelpalast" was found: two expensive mansions, dating back to the first century, but often rebuilt (final building phase third/fourth century). A third city palace was found north of the twin mansions, northwest of the forum. This palace is often called "Palace of Marcus Piaonius Victorinus", a high officer whose name is mentioned in a mosaic that was made in c.260. He was to be emperor in 269-271.

It is interesting to note that very close to the ancient forum is the present Viehmarkt (Cattle Market), where the remains of the ancient Roman baths have been excavated.