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Ephesus, Marble Street

Ephesus (modern Selçuk): ancient Greek town in western Turkey, one of the largest and best excavated cities of the ancient world.

The Marble Street, which was named after the fact that it was paved with marble, connected Ephesus' Arcadian Street and the Theater to the square where the Street of the Curetes started. It passed along the Commercial Agora and was beautifully decorated. A relief with a Hellenistic panoply indicates the date of the original construction of the Marble Street.

There is a famous graffiti, shown below, that is said to represent the road to a brothel: the three signs mean that when you walk along, you will meet a woman who will give you her heart. However, the ancients did not depict a heart like we do, and the woman has the crown of the goddesses Cybele and Tyche. The sign must have another significance.