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Ephesus, Commercial Agora

Ephesus (modern Selçuk): ancient Greek town in western Turkey, one of the largest and best excavated cities of the ancient world.

Model of the state commercial agora

The commercial agora (market) was constructed in the Hellenistic period, but was rebuilt several times in the Roman age. It measured about 110x110 meters. Rebuilding was done during the reign of the emperor Augustus (r.31 BCE - 14 CE), who added the Gate of Mazaeus and Mithradates. Other building phases belong to the reigns of the emperors Nero (r.54-68) and Caracalla (r.211-217). There were repairs in the fourth century, perhaps after the devastating earthquake of 362 CE.

The restructuring and repairs prove that the commercial agora still had a vitally important function for the tens of thousands Ephesians.