Livy, Periochae 141-142

Titus Livius or Livy (59 BCE - 17 CE): Roman historian, author of the authorized version of the history of the Roman republic.

A large part of Livy's History of Rome since the Foundation is now lost, but fortunately we have an excerpt, called the Periochae, which helps us reconstruct the general scope. This translation was made by Jona Lendering.

From Book 141

[141.1] [10] An account is given of the war that Drusus fought against the peoples across the Rhine.

[141.2] Among other important people fighting over there were Chumstinctus and Avectius, military tribunes from the tribe of the Nervians.

[141.3] [Tiberius] Nero, the brother of of Drusus, subdued the Dalmatians and Pannonians.note

[141.4] Peace was made with the Parthians and the standards, which had been lost by Crassus and later by Marc Antony, were received back from their king.note

From Book 142

[142.1] [9] An account is given of the war that Drusus fought against the German tribes across the Rhine.

[142.2] He died from a fracture caused by the fall of his horse on his leg, thirty days after the accident.

[142.3] His body was brought to Rome by his brother [Tiberius] Nero, who had hurriedly arrived when he had received news about the illness; the body was buried in the tomb of Gaius Julius.

[142.4] The eulogy was pronounced by his stepfather Caesar Augustus.

[142.5] During the funeral, many distinctions were conferred on him.