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Ariarathids: dynasty of kings of Cappadocia in Central Anatolia.

Archelaus, the last ruler of independent Cappadocia

The Ariarathids were the successors of Ariarathes I, who had been appointed by Darius III Codomannus, and organized Cappadocia as an independent state after the collapse of the Achaemenid Empire. He lost his life in 322 BCE in a war against Perdiccas, but his adopted son, Ariarathes II, later returned to power as vassal of the Seleucids.

Ariarathes III was the first to call himself king, while Ariarathes IV or Ariarathes V, who both were surnamed Eusebes ("benefactor"), refounded the capital, Mazaca, as a Greek city, named Eusebia. After a crisis at the beginning of the first century BCE, Cappadocia became a vassal of Rome. It was finally annexed by the Romans in 17 CE, who renamed the main city Caesarea (modern Kayseri)

Ariarathes I c.333-322/321
Ariarathes II 301-c.280
Ariamnes c.280-230
Ariarathes III c.255-220
Ariarathes IV Eusebes 220-c.163
Ariarathes V Eusebes Philopator c.163-131/130
Orophernes II (rebel) c.158
Ariarathes VI Epiphanes Philopator 131/130-116 or 111
Ariarathes VII Philometor 116 or 111-101
Ariarathes Eusebes (usurper) 101-88
Ariarathes IX 101-c.96
Ariarathes VIII 101-c.96
Ariobarzanes I Philoromaeus c.96-c.62
Ariobarzanes II Philopator c.62-52/51
Ariobarzanes III Eusebes 52/51-42
Ariarathes X Eusebes Philadelphos 42-41
Archelaus 41 BCE -17 CE

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