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Alexandria: town founded by Alexander the Great, capital of the Ptolemaic Empire.

Hellenistic History

Alexander the Great as founder of Alexandria
Alexander the Great as founder of Alexandria

Roman History

  • c. 8 CE: Two legions at Alexandria: III Cyrenaica and XXII Deiotariana
  • 38 CE: Pogrom
  • Ministery of Mark?
  • 68: Another pogrom
  • 69: Vespasian proclaimed emperor
  • 115-117: Anti-Jewish riots (more...)
  • 125: III Cyrenaica replaced by II Traiana Fortis
  • 130: Hadrian visits the city
  • Ptolemy of Alexandria, Appian of Alexandria
  • 175: Marcus Aurelius visits the city
  • A fort is all that remains of the lighthouse
    After 200: increasing Christian influence; Clement of Alexandria
  • 215: Visit by Caracalla
  • 252: Origen banished
  • 269/270: Captured by the Palmyrene troops
  • Sacked by Aureliannote
  • 298: Sacked by Diocletian; legion III Diocletiana added to the garrison
  • 328-335: Athanasius bishop
  • 346-356: Athanasius bishop for the second time
  • 357-358 Georgios bishop of Alexandria; the relics of Andrew and Luke brought to Constantinople
  • 363: Visit by Julianus Apostata
  • 365: tsunami
  • 366-373: Athanasius bishop for the third time
  • 389: All pagan monuments in Alexandria, including the Museum, destroyed
  • 391: Destruction of the Serapeum
  • 414: The last leader of the philosophical school, Hypatia, is lynched by a Christian mob
  • 541 Plague
  • 608-610: during the war between the emperors Phocas and Heraclius; the southern harbor is destroyed
  • 619: The Sasanian king Khusrau sacks the city
  • 642: Replaced as capital of Egypt by Cairo
  • 645-646: Reoccupied by the Byzantine commander Manuel
  • Alexandria has been called Alexander's most lasting legacy


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