Lepcis Magna: Texts

Lepcis Magna: Phoenician colony, later part of the Carthaginian empire, the kingdom of Massinissa, and the Roman empire. Its most famous son was the emperor Septimius Severus (r.193-211).

Literary texts


J.M. Reynolds & J.B. Ward Perkins, Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania (1952 London)

IRT 273 Dedication to the Di Augusti
IRT 275 Museum, dedication "to the gods of Lepcis Magna"
IRT 282 Severan Forum, dedication "to the genius of Lepcis"
IRT 295 Old Forum, dedication to Liber Pater
IRT 299 Street near Theater, dedication to Eshnum
IRT 300 Old Forum, dedication to Vespasian
IRT 301 Dedication to Cornelius Cossus Lentulus
IRT 308* Cardo, dedication to Augusta Salutaris
IRT 315 Museum, dedication to Venus
IRT 316 Dedication to Antoninus Pius
IRT 318* Theater, dedication to Domitian
IRT 319* Dedication of the Macellum by Annobal Tapapius Rufus
IRT 321* Theater, Annobal Rufus
IRT 322* Theater, Annobal Rufus
IRT 323* Theater, Annobal Rufus
IRT 330, 331* Arch of Tiberius
IRT 335 Temple of Augustus, dedication to Drusus the Younger
IRT 338 Dedication of a portico by Gaius, son of Anno
IRT 342 Near Byzantine Gate, a dedication to Vespasian
IRT 346 Extremely long inscription
IRT 353* Arch of Trajan
IRT 357 Dedication of an aqueduct
IRT 358 Dedication of a water basin in the theater
IRT 359 Dedication of a fountain near the theater
IRT 361 * Hadrianic Baths, foundation inscription
IRT 376* Theater, dedication to Antoninus Pius
IRT 381* Cardo, dedication to Lucius Verus
IRT 390 Old Forum, dedication to Septimius Severus
IRT 391* Theater, dedication to Septimius Severus
IRT 392* Theater, dedication to Septimius Severus
IRT 393* Hadrianic Baths, dedication to Septimius Severus
IRT 396* Hadrianic Baths, restoration
IRT 403* Theater, dedication to Julia Domna
IRT 405* Theater, dedication to Julia Domna
IRT 412 Dedication to Septimius Severus, grandfather of the emperor
IRT 419 Old Forum, dedication to Caracalla
IRT 422* Theater, dedication to Caracalla
IRT 428* Main inscription Severan Basilica
IRT 434* Theater, dedication to Geta (erasure)
IRT 456 Severan Forum, dedication to Gallienus
IRT 468* Macellum, repairs by Constantine I the Great
IRT 471 Severan Forum, dedication to Constantius II
IRT 472 Severan Forum, dedication to Valentinian and Valens
IRT 478 Severan Forum, dedication to Arcadius
IRT 479 Severan Forum, dedication to Honorius
IRT 481 Bilingual dedication by Caecilius Diodorus
IRT 521 Theater, tribunal
IRT 522 Severan Forum, honors to a man named Claudius
IRT 531* Dedication to Gavius Macer
IRT 534* Theater, stage structures
IRT 541 Dedication to Publius Septimius Geta
IRT 543 Repairs to the Basilica Ulpia
IRT 590* Macellum, names of two aediles
IRT 599* Hadrianic Baths, dedication to Iuttaph Domitius, suffete
IRT 601 Curia
IRT 603* Macellum, dedication to Porfyrius
IRT 605 Old Forum, dedication to Augustus
IRT 607* Plaza, dedication to Polla
IRT 628* Macellum, damnatio memoriae
IRT 641 Old Forum, dedication to Flavia Pia
IRT 707 Dedication temple Apollo
IRT 718* Hadrianic Baths, damaged text
IRT 739* Cardo, dedication to Scipio
IRT 930* Cardo, milestone
IRT s4 Museum, dedication to Neptune
AE 1967, 536 Arch of Marcus Aurelius
AE 1968, 549* Amphitheater