Tyre, city, Egyptian Harbor

Tyre (Phoenician רצ, ṣūr, "rock"; Greek Τύρος; Latin Tyrus): port in Phoenicia and one of the main cities in the eastern Mediterranean.

Tyre used to have two harbors: the Sidonian in the north, which is nowadays a bit smaller than it used to be but has been in use some four millennia at least, and the Egyptian harbor in the south. Today, the remains of a 750 meter long mole (with a wide entrance in the center) can still be seen, and it is easy to recognize the remains of some ancient buildings in the water.

Originally, the Egyptian harbor must have been a sandy beach, which might perhaps better be labeled "the Egyptian anchorage", but Tyrian engineers have continued to expand and improve it. It probably got submerged during the earthquake of 501 CE.