An Anonymous Prophet

Messiah (mâšîah, "the anointed one"): Jewish religious concept, a future savior who will, in some sense, come to restore Israel. The nature of both the Messiah and the restoration was a matter of debate, and there were several claimants.

An unnamed prophet (c.59 CE)

Source: Flavius Josephus, Jewish Antiquities 20.188.

Story: The Roman governor Festus, who was -according to recent research- in office from 58 until 60 CE, was confronted with another rebel.

Festus sent forces, both horsemen and footmen, to fall upon those that had been seduced by a certain impostor, who promised them deliverance and freedom from the miseries they were under, if they would but follow him as far as the wilderness. Accordingly, those forces that were sent destroyed both him that had deluded them, and those that were his followers also.note

Comment: Again, we meet someone who leads his followers to the desert, claiming to be the "prophet like Moses" predicted in Deuteronomy 18.15-18. He may or may not have been called a Messiah.