Persepolis photos


Persepolis (Old Persian Pârsa, modern Takht-e Jamshid): Greek name of one of the capitals of the ancient Achaemenid Empire, founded by king Darius the Great (r.522-486 BCE). There were several satellite sites, Naqš-e Rustam and Takht-e Rustam.

Persepolis: buildings
1 Apadana
2 Treasury

3 Darius' palace
4 Xerxes' gate
5 Stairway
6 Xerxes' palace
7 Harem
8 Hall of hundred columns
9 Hall of 32 columns
10 Tomb of Artaxerxes III
11 Unfinished gate

First period: Darius I the Great (518-490)

Second period: Darius I / Xerxes (490-480)

Third period: Xerxes (480-470)

Fourth period: Artaxerxes I

Fifth period: fourth century